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Established in 1991, ANDP’s mission is to promote, create, and preserve mixed-income communities that result in the equitable distribution of affordable housing throughout the metropolitan Atlanta region. ANDP’s subsidiary, and certified CDFI, the ANDP Loan Fund, provides capital for developers of affordable and mixed-income housing across metro Atlanta. As a part of the Equity ATL Collaborative, ANDP provides capital for affordable housing and community development. ANDP is a member of the NeighborWorks Network.


One of the largest nonprofit loan funds in the country, Enterprise Community Loan Fund has invested more than $1.7 billion across the country since 1990. Working with mission-focused partners, we align our investments alongside Enterprise’s other financing capabilities and local expertise. The Loan Fund brings a suite of financing, policy and programmatic solutions to bear when addressing complex problems. By joining these critical drivers, we deliver greater opportunity to the communities that need it most.


NeighborWorks® Columbus is a community-based 501c (3) nonprofit enterprise offering programs and services that empower customers to achieve their dreams of homeownership. NeighborWorks® Columbus has a mission to provide access to fit and affordable housing and build assets for Financial Independence for all citizens of low to moderate-income. NeighborWorks® Columbus’ vision and deep commitment remains to improve the quality of life and maintain public trust.  For more information about NeighborWorks® Columbus and its services, visit or call 706-324-HOME (4663)


Reinvestment Fund is committed to building strong, more equitable communities by making health, wellbeing, and financial security available and accessible to families, regardless of income or zip code. We integrate data, policy and strategic investments to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. Using analytical and financial tools, we bring high-quality grocery stores, affordable housing, schools and health centers to the communities that need better access-creating anchors that attract investment over the long term and help families lead healthier, more productive lives.

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Southwest Georgia United is a not-for-profit Community Development Financial Institution and community development corporation serving rural Georgia. Southwest GA United began in 1994 through the USDA Empowerment Zone program, with a mission of reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in persistent poverty counties. USDA recognized it for operating one of the most successful rural Empowerment Zones in the nation. The organization’s vision is the creation of a well-educated, active, attractive, and sustainable community of healthy families. Its assets have grown from less than $250,000 in 1999 to more than $9.5 million. The organization has provided more than $30 million in grant funds and more than $10 million in loan funds to community development, housing improvement, and small business support. As a CDFI, It provides business loans, housing loans, and development services. It develops affordable housing and owns and manages 100 units of affordable single-family rental housing.  It provides and supports other development services including child care services, workforce development, a GED program, after school programs in two counties, housing counseling services, business development counseling services, re-entry services, and fiscal agency services for smaller nonprofits.

CCRF is powered by a grant from 

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The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) partners with communities to build strong and vibrant neighborhoods, commercial and industrial areas through community and economic development, local government assistance, and safe and affordable housing. Using state and federal resources, DCA helps communities spur private job creation, implement planning, develop downtowns, generate affordable housing solutions and promote volunteerism. DCA also helps qualified Georgians with low and moderate incomes buy homes, rent housing and prevent foreclosure and homelessness. For more information, visit

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